I have been on a sales spree lately, clearing much of my old electronic gadgets( junk) from my house. Granted, the amount of revenue generated may not be very substantial, nevertheless, every cent earned is precious.

Most buyers are generally quite nice and punctual. Those, however, are the minority. There are the thralls of trolls and the lowballers (god I hate them) who will stop at nothing to thwart your pleasant sales experience. Some would think nothing of quoting a price that is so low you might as well chuck your item into the bin or donate it to your nearest recyling centre.

The app itself is simple and well designed. It is very much optimised for touch, with large buttons for each category for the user to tap. My personal frequent carousell “haunts” are the “photography”, “lifestlye” and the “games/toy” sections.

In photography, all camera related items, film or digital, are fair play. I have already sold some of my less used items here for a pretty sum. You can actually get some really good deals for previous generation cameras, here. I have personally seen a very decent mirrorless camera sold for only SGD$100.A paltry sum for a good camera you can bring on your jaunts to other countries and get images much better than what your phone can give you.

In lifestyle, this is the catch all for phones, tablets and whathaveit. I would be inclined to believe this section is the most used, given how much scrolling you have to do to even look through several hours of postings.

In “games/toys” section, figurines, gaming consoles, board games, are up for grabs.