The keyboard attaches easily, and you will align it much like the keyboard from Logitech for other iPads.

Setting up the keyboard is easy. Just align the connection pins from the iPads onto that of the keyboard.

Ergonomics of the keyboard

The keyboard is rather small but there is the full number of keys on the keyboard. It makes me feel like I am using a very small Macbook pro.

The small size of the keys make typing a little hard as you really need to have accurate keystrokes when you are typing.

Haptics are fine for majority of the keys, with tactile feedback from the springy mechanism of the keys; there is one major issue which could be a deal breaker for some.

The spacebar would be my biggest gripe. The bouncy feel coupled with the lack of precision makes typing spaces a bigger chore than it should be. The actuation is focused on the centre, tapping the spacebar from the side does not actuate the spacebar

The full row of function keys on top is a nice touch, with the keyboard being able to control the sound, keyboard back lighting and the brightness of the Ipad Pro.

The keyboard doesn’t even need to be charged. The power is drawn directly from the iPad. Regarding long term usage, battery life might be depleted faster than if the keyboard had its own power, looking at ease of use, however, this connection style is preferred since it removes the additional step of having to establish a bluetooth connection.


There are 4 levels of backlighting,adjustable from the keyboard. Unfortunately, it is not automatic like the macbook pro’s backlighting.


One thing to note is that this keyboard is rather thick and makes the iPad feel like a notepad after it is closed. This makes it easy to carry, for me at least, but your mileage may vary.

Should you get this?

For 5000 yen, you could do worse with your money. The apple keyboard, despite costing almost 4 times the price, is certainly not 4 times better. The backlighting is appreciated, as it the bouncy, haptic feel of most of the keys. The spacebar is an issue for me, but if you are a heavy typer, pressing the space bar will not be a problem for you.

Recommended for people using the iPad pro but not wanting to spend a bomb on Apple’s accessories.

* this review was typed entirely on the Dodocool keyboard with the Applie 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch.