The label writes: Whisky; Components: Malt, Grain; Manufacturer: Nikka Whisky Pte Ltd

Nikka has two main distilleries in Japan, one from Yoichi, Hokkaido and the other in Miyagikyo, Miyagi. Both of these distilleries produce their own signature malt whiskies. Nikka has chosen to blend whisky stocks from the two distilleries and create this cheap but splendid From the Barrel Series, at 51.4% alcohol by volume.

The high ABV gives you a hint into the intensity of this whisky. Indeed, upon nosing, the sweetness of the whisky jumps out at you with ferocious intensity. IMO, this whisky certainly punches above its weight in terms of price bracket.

Nose: Nice caramel sweetness going on here. The high ABV might turn off some novice drinkers.

Palate: The caramel sweetness discerned on the nose is immediately tasted. The richness and intensity of the flavors shine over and above the strong alcohol burn. Granted, this would benefit from some ageing, to enhance the flavors further but at this price, I’m not complaining.

Finish: Spicy, with a surprising hint of smokiness not detected on the nose. Medium finish.


If and when you are in Japan, you can certainly do worse than this whisky at the price of about 2500-3000 yen per bottle. It comes in a nice squarish bottle at 500ml. Get one and try, for the price, you’ll be surprised at the intensity of the flavors present.

One of my daily sippers. 🙂