If you are looking for something smoky, look no further. Ardbeg is famous even among the Islay whiskies for giving peatheads (people who love smoky whisky) something to look forward to in their product lineup.

Tasting notes

Nose: Layers upon layers of smoked meat, a hint of caramel sweetness under the smoke

Palate: Again, the flavor is reminiscent of smoked meat. The smokiness envelopes your mouth but eventually gives way to sweetness. One strike against this whisky is the lack of a mouth feel (it doesn’t feel very thick)

Finish: The long finish feels like the smoke is travelling down your throat, very pleasurable.

Conclusion: If you are looking for an Islay Whisky, look no further than this, the smokiest representative that has won many accolades and yet does not break the bank.